The first batch of Lishui City to be identified as Zhejiang Science and Technology Enterprise in 2015

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According to the "Implementation Opinions on the Identification of Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Zhejiang Province" (Zheke Fagao [2002] No. 201), after review, the list of the first batch of provincial science and technology enterprises to be identified in Lishui City in 2015 (see annex) and To be announced, the announcement period is 7 days. If you have any objection to the publicity enterprise, please submit it to the Lishui City Science and Technology Bureau in real name and written form during the publicity period. The specific issues of the dissenting enterprise should be clearly stated, and factual evidence should be provided. For the objections received, we will strictly follow the relevant regulations.

During the public announcement, any unit or individual requesting a fee commitment to provide assistance to the company through identification is a fraud, so please be vigilant.

Contact: Zhu Wenyao Xiang Jinjing

Electric words: 2051845, 2051815 Biography True: 2051815


Correspondence address: Room 512, Science and Technology Building, 157 Dengta Street, Liandu District, Lishui City

Annex: List of the first batch of provincial scientific and technological enterprises to be recognized in Lishui City in 2015

May 25th, 2015


List of the first batch of provincial scientific and technological enterprises to be recognized in Lishui City in 2015

1. Lishui Chuangfeng Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Lishui Huayi Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

3. Zhejiang Tianrun Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd.

4. Lishui Chaote Valve Co., Ltd.

5. Lishui Aoxin Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

6. Lishui Jiahong Technology Consulting Co., Ltd.

7. Zhejiang Jinglong Sword Co., Ltd.

8. Zhejiang Xinxing Auto Air Conditioner Co., Ltd.

9. Zhejiang Outeli Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.

10. Zhejiang Nanxing Auto Air Conditioner Co., Ltd.

11. Qingtian County Qingda Garment Metal Accessories Co., Ltd.

12. Zhejiang Honghezhou Footwear Company Limited

13. Zhejiang Miou Food Co., Ltd.

14. Qingtian Galilee Food Co., Ltd.

15, Zhejiang Wanxin Printing Co., Ltd.

16. Zhejiang Jiachi Bamboo and Wood Co., Ltd.

17. Zhejiang Guanghui Tools Co., Ltd.

18. Lishui Xianrenyuan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

19. Zhejiang Guanyu Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.

20 、 Songyang Chengtianhe Food Co., Ltd.

21. Zhejiang Wanji Optical Co., Ltd.

22. Jingning She Autonomous County Fulida Wooden Crafts Co., Ltd.

23. Jingning She Autonomous County Hongqiang Bamboo Products Co., Ltd.

24. Jingning She Autonomous County Jinlin Bamboo Craft Factory